TFI Friday Brass Off with Mark Ronson

TFI Friday Saxophone Players Brass Off Mark Ronson

Wow! Playing on TFI Friday’s Brass Off with the Tromboners and Sax Girls from Alter Ego  was SO much fun. Nothing has ever felt more terrifying than the door swinging open and the crew shouting girls, ‘Go Go Go’ walking out playing Baker Street trying for the life of me not to mess it up LIVE on TV in front of Mark Ronson.

I have to say what a lovely man Mark Ronson is and playing his song Uptown Funk was a pleasure. With a special thanks to Chris Evans for inviting us on to TFI Friday, whose passion for music is so evident, making it a real honour to play on a show where music has never felt more important.

The crew were excellent from the make up artists, production team to Chris Evans himself he directs and producers the entire show. TFI Friday is a fantastic show that I hope will continue into 2016.